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Mystery singer is JAZZY B

We photographed this famous musician without knowing who he was. It turns out he is JAZZY B – please visit his web site

@jazzyb on TWITTER

With Lucky being famous because of the Internet and TLC’s the Lottery Changed My Life, he gave this famous musician one of our soon-to-be real famous Mini White Rocks combo pack. This is not an endorsement by the above musician (JAZZY B ), but rather a gift for coming to beautiful White Rock Beach. If you are famous and want your photo taken with LUCKY, he might just give you one for FREE too.

JAZZY B  stopped to pose with a few fans. It was nice to see him stop and get his picture taken. I have met some Hollywood (NOT Bollywood) personalities who are not as friendly as JAZZY B . With social networking, doing what JAZZY B has got him FREE exposure on, Facebook , Twitter, etc.

Gippy Grewal is thinking a SQUIRREL in my video - GOOD IDEA

We also photographed Gippy Grewal, above, who some relatives saw on a New York City TV morning show the next day.

Bollywood & Gippy Grewal comes to White Rock Beach