Best Of Luck (A funny and strange story with a White Rock connection) – Gippy Grewal & Jazzy B – (Upcoming Punjabi Movie)

Is that a Lottery Squirrel with sunglasses

This posting was inspired by some really strange connections, an aspect of LUCK, LUCKOLOGY, a chance encounter with Gippy Grewal & Jazzy B.

 On June 13, 2012 I was reviewing some logs to and saw a visit from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India using — best of luck jazzy b gippy film.

I later found a page on Facebook about the movie Best Of Luck ~

Gippy Grewal and Jazzy B will soon be seen together in the upcoming Punjabi movie Best Of Luck. Along with Gippy Grewal and Jazzy B, Simran Kaur Mundi (Miss India Universe 2008), Sonam Bajwa and Binnu Dhillon are also there in the star cast.
The shooting of the movie Best Of Luck  started the 10th of May onwards in Canada.

I have owned the domain since  2006/10/26 and am now redirecting it to (The LUCKIEST place on the west coast!) On Tuesday May 29, 2012 we were walking on the White Rock Beach promenade on route to for pizza. [BESTofLUCK]

You can find out more information on .

We were scheduled to meet a local reporter to do a story on the Lucky Mini White Rocks at the famous BIG White rock on the beach. The reporter cancelled for the second time, so we headed to the White Rock and do some of our own photos as the lighting was perfect. I brought a sample of the 2 different Lucky Mini White Rock combo packs with us for some photos. I usually carry one Mini White Rock in a velour pouch, NOT the retail packs. After we left the BIG White Rock we saw some tents, trailers, motor homes and a film crew near the pier. It was lucky that the reporter did cancel, or we wouldn’t have gotten these photos. I believe things happen for a reason. I turned a broken arm into a dream home lottery win, which the hospital to this day still refers to as a “really lucky break.

We had to wait for a break in filming to cross the tracks. We were chatting with some of the bystanders/fans and found out these were pop stars from India. We did not know if it was a music video, movie or commercial, etc, that they were shooting. On June 13th, 2012 we found out they were filming for an upcoming movie — Best Of Luck.  

I found this very funny and strange at the same time, as I have made many connections to LUCK. I even market a Lucky Coin®,  Lucky Coin® keychain, Lucky Black Squirrel® pins, Lucky White Squirrel pins, Lucky Magnets, and have been featured on Canadian and American television, radio, newspapers, magazines and websites because of LUCK, WINNING BIG and my belief in LUCK and how I can create it.  The Globe and Mail – (Toronto, Ontario Canada) has even featured me in the the business MONEY section as a Luckologist. I have created The Lottery LUCK Club -TrilogyI was the first Canadian to appear on TLC’s The Lottery Changed My Life because of some real LUCK & WINNING BIG. When the Mega Million Jackpot hit $640 Million in 2012, I was contacted by NBC nightly news in New York City as an expert in LUCK and lotteries.

What are the odds or the chance of running into a singer / movie star from India at White Rock Beach being filmed for an upcoming Bollywood movie called BEST OF LUCK and you give him one of your newly released LUCKY Mini White Rocks? For anyone else but Luckologist Ric Wallace this would never happen in a trillion years. When you are a Luckologist like Ric Wallace, stuff like this happens all the time to him.

With Lucky being famous because of the Internet and TLC’s the Lottery Changed My Life (Click Here to see next air date for the Country Millionaire episode), we gave this famous musician one of our soon-to-be real famous Mini White Rocks combo pack. This is not an endorsement by the above musician (JAZZY B), but rather a gift for coming to beautiful White Rock Beach. If you are famous and want your photo taken with LUCKY, he might just give you one for FREE too. We hope the co-star Jazzy B of the upcoming movie  Best of Luck, kept our really LUCKY gift. If he kept it we predict the movie Best Of Luck will set box office records. If he trashed it, he can buy one online if he wished he had saved it.

If producers of the film Best of Luck  are interested in a BULK order of Lucky Mini White Rocks we would love to talk. This would be great for a movie premier giveaway in Vancouver or any other city. We also hold the Canadian trademark for Lucky Coin® which we could bundle our Lucky Coin® with a custom coin flip with photos of the stars of Best of Luck (just an idea ). Our Lottery Charm® and Lucky Coin® products having been featured on TLC’s the Lottery Changed My Life and other media news sources and are becoming high in demand. We have opened up a new market in Russia. A few years back we helped produce 10,000 buttons for the TV show Due South for a New York City promotion featuring the dog Diefenbaker in a yellow star.



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