White Rock Beach “The LUCKIEST place on the west coast!” and a film location for the Best of Luck movie with Jazzy B & Gippy Grewal

Is that a Lottery Squirrel with sunglassesLook a SQUIRREL wearing sunglasses, they will not believe this in Bollywood!

What are the odds or the chance of running into a singer/movie star from India at White Rock Beach being filmed for an upcoming Bollywood movie called BEST OF LUCK and you give him one of your newly released LUCKY Mini White Rocks? I have also owned the BESTofLUCK.ca domain since 2006/10/26.


For anyone else but Luckologist Ric Wallace this would never happen in a trillion years. When you are a Luckologist like Ric Wallace, stuff like this happens all the time to him.

We gave  Jazzy B, a famous Indian musician/movie star one of our soon-to-be real famous Mini White Rocks combo pack. This is not an endorsement by the above musician (JAZZY B), but rather a gift for coming to beautiful White Rock Beach. If you are famous and want your photo taken with LUCKY, he might just give you one for FREE too. We hope the co-star Jazzy B of the upcoming movie Best of Luck, kept our really LUCKY gift. If he kept it we predict the movie Best Of Luck will set box office records. If he trashed it, he can buy one online below if he wished he had saved it.

If producers of the film Best of Luck  are interested in a BULK order of Lucky Mini White Rocks we would love to talk. This would be great for a movie premier giveaway in Vancouver or any other city. We also hold the Canadian trademark for Lucky Coin® which we could bundle our Lucky Coin® with a custom coin flip with photos of the stars of Best of Luck (just an idea ). Our Lottery Charm® and Lucky Coin® products, having been featured on TLC’s The Lottery Changed My Life and other media news sources, are becoming high in demand. We have opened up a new market in Russia. A few years back we helped produce 10,000 buttons for the TV show Due South for a New York City promotion featuring the dog Diefenbaker in a yellow star.


You can find out more information on LOTTOdreamEbook.com .

We are getting visitors who are fans of Jazzy B & Gippy Grewal to the White Rock Beach.ca site from, India, Pakistan, Dubai, Malaysia, Canada, USA, etc

White Rock Beach

“The LUCKIEST place on the west coast!”


$ 29.95 + Shipping &Tax



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