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The Black Pearl Asian Fusion Restaurant in #Bellingham, WA is a real treasure for your taste buds!

black-pearl-WA-01While on a trip to Bellingham, WA looking for treasure at various stores and shopping at Fred Meyer’s — not to mention saving usually over 40 cents a litre on gas alone — Captain Lucky caught, out of his right eye, a sign for the BLACK PEARL Asian Fusion Restaurant. With Black Pearls being rare and associated with LUCK, as prized by pirates, Captain Lucky thought they should check this place out. Having shopped for about 3 hours we were super hungry.

black-pearl-WA-02Lucky wolfed down the Vermicelli Rice Noodle Bowl with Grilled Chicken & Grilled Shrimp. He wanted to ask for a straw to clean his bowl, but Sugar-toes said, “No!”

black-pearl-WA-04The Black Pearl Asian Infusion restaurant has opened its third location in Bellingham, on Bakerview Rd near Fred Meyer’s.

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black-pearl-WA-03Sugar-toes found the Chicken Teriyaki with a side salad and vermicelli noodles to be yummy.

black-pearl-WA-05With clean plates and full bellies, our two Squirrel mascots felt truly LUCKY to have found our new favorite restaurant in Bellingham, WA. If you wonder how two small squirrels can consume so much food and not put on weight, we do a lot of cardio walking up the Oxford Street hill at White Rock Beach.

black-pearl-WA-06With Captain Lucky being the first Pirate and Sugar-toes the first squirrel wearing pearls to walk through the doors at this new location, the owner Laila, chef Mario and server Sara posed for a group photo.  As Arnold Schwarzenegger said, “I’ll be back!”

If you visit this restaurant let them know you are friends of Captain Lucky & Sugar-toes, the mascots. This was a FREE posting for the restaurant and NOT a paid advertisement. The empty plates show we loved the food and we paid for our meal. If you are a restaurant that has good food, or a business with good products or services you can be mentioned on here for FREE.


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