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LOST & FOUND – LUCKY found a COOL looking OWL Earring and is offering 3 FREE postcards

Someone has lost this LUCKY EARRING at White Rock Beach. Also found a few days earlier – LUCKY found a ring where we set up the White Rock Beach Gallery and was able to track down the owner who lost it about a week before.

The woman who lost the ring was happy to be reunited with a piece of  jewelry with great sentimental value and considered it lost for good.

The gang at White Rock Beach has had many LUCKY or GOOD things happen since finding this LUCKY EARRING (a new postcard retailer – Pier Point Cafe, later found a $20 bill and some other gifts were received, etc). Being a believer in LUCK and a Lottery Squirrel, LUCKY thinks if we can return this to its owner, it might bring us LUCK on the next $60 Million Lotto MAX draw with 85,900,584 possible combinations – being LUCKY is the only possible chance you have to win Lotto MAX.

We will also give away 3 of our 103 White Rock / South Surrey postcards to the owner. To claim this LUCKY earring you must have the matching other earring and know what day or time frame you lost it.  You must come to the White Rock Beach Gallery located WEST of the White Rock Museum with the matching earring, pick our 3 postcards and let us photograph you in person for this site. If you contact Ric Wallace before the $60 Million Lotto MAX draw and he wins the GRAND PRIZE, he will give you an extra $1,000 if you are the rightful owner of this lucky earring. Looking for a LUCKY COIN?





12″ x 18′ Poster Prints By ARTographer Ric Wallace NOW ON SALE


ARTographer Ric Wallace has been one busy person and has created his own Signature Line of ARTography 12″ x 18″ Poster Prints (being sold for 1/10th the cost of acrylic prints). Looking for some COOL images of White Rock Beach, BC or the lower mainland and wildlife? These are ready to be framed and/or matted. These are not sold online due to shipping costs. These will be for sale at the White Rock Beach Gallery – Waterfront location or contact Ric Wallace in person.

Ric Wallace will have a 10′ x10′ tent set up west of the White Rock Museum under the Artist Walk program weather & his time schedule permitting.

These ARTography 12″ x 18″ Poster Prints are for sale at $50.00 ALL TAXES INCLUDED ($44.64 + $5.36 GST/PST = $50.00)








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