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WALL ART – CLEAR OUT SALE – 25″x 49″ & 30″ x 60″ canvas prints

We have only 2 large CANVAS prints
1– 25″ x 49″ and 1 – 30″ x 60″ left at $500 CASH.
$525 Visa/ MasterCard

Built a new house and need some COOL PHOTOS or the wall?
Are you a top selling Realtor needing
some COOL WALL ART to help stage your next listing?


Outside Frame Size 25″ x 49″
 Canvas Size 30″ x 60″ – no frame

FREE Delivery within the South Surrey / White Rock area.



13″ x 19″ Poster Print Catalog Jan 2018

13" x 19" Poster Prints are $50 (all taxes included)

Buy 3 or More Poster Prints . . . SAVE 10% . . . SEARCH BY: , Trains,  , Fall Colours. HDRNighttime, Mount Baker, WA, Birds, Eagles, Wildlife

Special Air Quality Statement – Too Hot on the Beach – Please Shop Online at


Special Air Quality Statement

Issued at 04:51 Monday 30 July 2018


SummaryMetro Vancouver is continuing an Air Quality Advisory for eastern parts of Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley because of high concentrations of ground-level ozone that are expected to persist for a few days.

This advisory is for ground-level ozone, however there is a noticeable haze in the region which is due to a layer of wildfire smoke over the South Coast from distant wildfires burning in Eurasia and Alaska, as well as a bog fire in Richmond.  Wildfire smoke concentrations are not causing particulate matter objectives to be exceeded.

Ground-level ozone is not emitted directly into the air. It is formed when nitrogen oxides (pollutants emitted when fuels are burned) and volatile organic compounds (emitted from solvents) react in the air in the presence of sunlight. The highest levels of ground-level ozone are generally observed between mid-afternoon and early evening on summer days.

Avoid strenuous outdoor activities during mid-afternoon to early evening, when ozone levels are highest. Exposure is particularly a concern for infants, the elderly and those who have underlying medical conditions such as lung or heart disease and asthma. If you are experiencing symptoms such as chest discomfort, shortness of breath, coughing or wheezing, follow the advice of your healthcare provider. As we are in the summer season with warm temperatures, it is also important to stay cool and hydrated. Indoor spaces with air conditioning may offer relief from both heat and air pollution.

This advisory is expected to continue until there is a change in the current weather.

Metro Vancouver works in cooperation with Environment and Climate Change Canada, Fraser Valley Regional District and B.C. Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy to look after air quality.

raybandsThe gang from are staying indoors
Monday & MAYBE Tuesday- lots of computer work.

Virtual Edge Communications — Get the Virtual Edge advantage for your Business


We create and redesign websites.

The White Rock Beach Gallery 
decided it will be Too HOT on the Beach to set up.
We found this COOL video.

Follow us on TWITTER @BCwhiterock

Follow us on TWITTER @BCwhiterock






Lotto 649, BC49 & Extra Winning Numbers Saturday 28/07/2018

Lotto 649, BC49 & Extra Winning Numbers

Saturday 28/07/2018

LOTTO 6/49 estimated jackpot $5 million
5, 11, 17, 20, 28 & 45. Bonus 7

LOTTO 6/49 Guaranteed Prize


17 34 35 42 43 46
Bonus  49
The numbers that appear on this site do not constitute official winning numbers. Please contact your local retailer for confirmation.