Plans of eating at any facility or location where food is prepared, stored or served in British Columbia, CANADA?

If you have any plans of eating prepared or stored food in British Columbia, please check out the inspection rating or reports for the Health Unit responsible for your safety.

Since we live in the area covered by the Fraser Health Authority we have a link you can check out.

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Follow us on TWITTER @BCwhiterock

Vancouver Coastal Health does a better job of restaurant & food safety

Please review their report listings – CLICK HERE

About Vancouver Coastal health inspections

Inspections are conducted on a regular basis and when complaints are received. Each visit generates an inspection report that is provided to the operator to either confirm that they are compliant with regulations, or to inform them that they are required to address deficiencies.

Repeat offenders or restaurants with NO inspections in the HOT summer months like July and August have a greater risk to your health. How a restaurant handles their waste, frequency of pickup should be a decision factor.

Restaurant reviews online with high ratings can be easily falsified. Personal experience from people you know have a greater reflection of any business in any industry.

DISCLAIMER: We make no claim all reports found at the above link contain up-to-date information. Please read the disclaimers on the sites containing the reports.  If you see / photograph any unhealthy environment such as rats, flies, maggots, or other pests, garbage or food not refrigerated, or having been sick after eating at a food establishment please contact the local health unit and city officials where the food establishment is located. Restaurants are commonly sold many times and reports for previous owners may not be the practices of current owners. Making an informed decision of where you eat

Maggot Facts: Where They Come From and Getting Rid of Them


Follow us on TWITTER @BCwhiterock

Follow us on TWITTER @BCwhiterock

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