The Lucky McSquirrels paint White Rock Beach GREEN

The Lucky McSquirrels decided it was TIME to celebrate St Patrick’s Day and paint White Rock Beach GREEN.


Would GREEN Rock Beach catch on?



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The Irish celebrate with Irish beer, so we ordered two Smithwicks ales. Chantal, our server, brought two cold pints for these very thirsty Lottery Squirrels.

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Sugar-toes was celebrating because of her weight loss too ~ not as much weight loss as Lucky, but she was never as big as him. LOL


To finish a perfect meal was the blueberry cheesecake dessert with 2 forks and 41.3 seconds later it disappeared.

After 4 pints of Irish beer, the 2 Lottery Squirrels were full and a little tipsy.

We waddled over to Anie’s Beach Mart, White Rock Beach’s ONLY lottery retailer, to give the lottery a try.

The gang at rates Slainte By the Pier-West Beach a 10 on the acorn scale! We would also rate the food & service a 10 on the shamrock scale too!

If you purchase a Lucky Coin® V2.0 we can afford to pay our VISA when the bill comes in. LOL



There is always something to TWEET at White Rock Beach



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