Having a Picture Perfect Time at Mount Baker, WA

baker-aug22-2013-01SNOWBALL WARNING issued for visitors to the Mount Baker Washington Area


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These are some of the current White Rock Beach & area postcard retailers:
    1. Save On Foods (Semiahmoo Shopping Centre) 1641-152nd Street, Surrey, BC V4A 4N3
    2. White Rock Pharmacy, 102 – 1440 George St., White Rock BC V4B 4A3
    3. WhiteRockBeach.ca- Buy Online - We ship worldwide
    4. The White Rock Beach Gallery - Waterfront Promenade Gallery – (weather permitting)
    5. Mr White Rock - Ric Wallace 604-259-0105 - VISA, MasterCard, Debit & CASH
    6. Sunnyside Evergreen Pharmacy - 2397 King George Blvd. Surrey BC V4A 5A4
    7. Whitby's Books and Gifts - 14877 Marine Drive, White Rock BC V4B 1C2
    8. Pier Souvenirs  - 14969 Marine Drive, White Rock BC V4B 1C3
    9. Heavens Angels Gifts & Gelato 15557 Marine Drive Dr White Rock, V4B 1C9

NOTE: Some retailers will have limited postcard selections due to space. Please support the above local businesses that support out efforts.

This is the ONLY location you can see most of the 300+ White Rock / South Surrey / Crow ART / Wildlife Of Canada postcards & greeting cards on display at the same time (even the winter and Christmas postcards - weather and time permitting).

KIMCHI PIRANHAS spotted at Costco Bellingham WA


If you are a lover of KIMCHI, a Korean pickled cabbage treat, Costco in Bellingham WA sells the 58 oz /1.65 kg/ 29-serving size for $7.49. A small jar in BC about 1/8 the size sells for about $6.95. If you were to purchase this much in a restaurant you would spend maybe over $150. The Costco in Bellingham has the best price on the west coast making the trip to Bellingham well worth it. Lucky decided to get 2 large jars of Kimchi to last hm a few weeks. WARNING: This squirrel might not smell too good for a few weeks but he will be happy. Lucky was not sick last flu season and attributes it to spicy food like KIMCHI. There is also ZERO fat content.

If you love milk, Costco has the best price on milk too.
We saw one Canadian shopper loading up with 20 – one gallon jugs. It might be cheaper to buy the whole cow.

If you LOVE Costco Bellingham WA MILK, you are a MILK PIRANHA according to USA news sources.