Postcard VEC-s1141->1154-C (45 Postcards)



  • 14 – Storm of the Century Postcards

  • 31 – Pier / White Rock Postcards

  • 1 – Certificate Of Authenticity

(45 Postcards In Total)

Storm of the Century Postcard Sets
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Certificate Of Authenticity Included With All Sets

Shown below are the 31 – Pier / White Rock Postcards included in the $75 pack of postcards.

We reserve the right to substitute another postcard in the event of a postcard being out of stock of NON Storm of the Century Postcards.

These postcards were produced by ARTographer Ric Wallace. On December 20, 2018 the Storm of the Century battered the White Rock Beach waterfront breaking the pier into two, and an emergency air recuse was needed to lift a stranded man to safety at White Rock Beach, in BC, CANADA. No lives were lost in White Rock, but damage to the pier, boats, and waterfront was in the millions.

  • Framed 6"x 8"prints $100

  • 6"x 8"photo prints $15

  • 8.5"x 11"photo prints $25

  • 13" x 19" photo prints $60