White Rock Beach ZOMBIE Walk 2013




Alarm Stickers
Alarm-Stickers.com is selling ALARM STICKERS in  6-packs, 10-packs, 15-packs & 30-packs, which is enough to give door an window protection for an small sized homes, larger homes, cottages, or businesses. *The name appearing on the stickers has been censored to prevent would-be thieves looking for a particular name. **The stickers are white and blue and do not pulsate; the above image is for illustration purposes only*

You can post for FREE any of these images to your Facebook page, blog etc if unaltered and you give a link back to the posting on WhiteRockBeach.ca. #ZOMBIE NEWS FLASH for #WhiteRock Beach, BC – Zombies come ashore at East Beach

The #WhiteRock Zombie population is on the rise and on Marine Drive

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