BWS – Blank Wall Syndrome

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected people worldwide with lockdowns keeping or restricting people inside, leaving them staring at blank walls or at a TV showing reruns. In turn, this has been affecting their moods.
#ARTographer / #photosnapper #ricwallace has a CURE for #BWS – Blank Wall Syndrome. #blankwallsyndrome is the state of having many walls blank and is also referred to as Blank Walls Syndrome. Many new residents coming to beautiful #WhiteRockBeach #BC #canada are affected as soon as they open the door to their new home. This is NOT just a problem in White Rock, BC but a worldwide problem. Condo and house owners are both at risk, but house owners usually have more BLANK WALLS and may need to tackle one room at a time to start covering these blank walls.

The White Rock Beach Gallery and CURE -ator Ric Wallace can CURE this diagnosis with some cool WALL ART ready to frame and hang on the wall in minutes. Purchasing some cool photo prints (not framed) does not offer instant relief unless you attach them to walls. The CURE can be delayed for weeks or months with framing wait times while dealing with framing stores. Purchasing a photo print and leaving it in a box or drawer has no effect on your blank walls.

Offices and commercial establishments can also be affected with BWS. One option for short term relief is to visit The White Rock Beach Gallery and the waterfront of White Rock Beach, which will lift your spirits while not sitting at home staring at blank walls. Ric Wallace can quickly assess your needs and how your problem of blank walls can be rectified by this CURE -ator – LOL.
THE #FDA has not evaluated our claim for BWS as the USA border has been closed for almost a year. The many tourist businesses that have been affected with the drop in tourism, welcome American tourists as well as worldwide visitors back when things are safe to do so.
Health Canada is welcome to come and evaluate how COOL WALL ART can cure the issue of blank walls affecting the mood of many people with BWS.
The WEB SITE sells COOL Wall Art,
Postcards, Greeting Cards, Lucky Pins, Lucky Coins created by Ric Wallace 24-7-365 online.

The White Rock Beach Gallery is also operated by Ric Wallace has the LARGEST selection of White Rock / South Surrey / Wildlife of Canada / / #wallart #Postcards and #GreetingCards – 300+ designs. Located just west of the #whiterockmuseum (weather and time permitting) #ricco #ricwallace #artographer #whiterockbc #mrwhiterock #mrwhiterockbc #whiterock #whiterockpier #crowart #whitesquirrel #souvenirs #artist #galleryart #wr #crow #crows #crowart #explorewhiterock #explorewhiterockbc #cbc #cbcnews #ctv #globalnews


HD Amazing Acrylic Prints

Want something more than just another run of the mill photo print? If you need a print that’s modern, sleek and vibrant, you’ve landed in the right place and more importantly the right product:

  • Stunning SwissQ print technology, printed direct to acrylic glass
  • Premium ¼-inch thick, optically clear acrylic glass, finished with an opaque white backing sheet
  • These are supplied with a float mount frame and ready to hang on the wall.


IN STOCK Acrylic Prints – Give Ric Wallace A Call To Purchase

FRAMED PHOTO PRINTS are available with no shipping charges to purchasers who can come to White Rock / South Surrey, BC Canada.
For others outside the White Rock / South Surrey, BC Canada, shipping might be available by UPS or Canada post.
Please email or DM your shipping address (listing Country) and preferred delivery method.
We can get a quote for shipping, insurance, handling, and shipping packaging.

IN STOCK Framed Prints – Give Ric Wallace A Call To Purchase

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