Delivery times – When will I see my order?

If you need postcards ASAP visit White Rock Pharmacy in person at 102 – 1440 George St. White Rock BC V4B 4A3.

All orders SOLD by this web site (NOT – White Rock Pharmacy ) are shipped by Canada Post from White Rock, British Columbia, CANADA.  (Canada is NOT part of the USA, but the country above the USA)

Weather, holidays, customs and mail strikes can affect delivery times.

Generally orders in CANADA are received 5 to 12 business days.  Business days are Monday to Friday.

Below is one of two complants recieved from a North Surrey BC customer only after 2 business days about 39 minutes apart.

I’m @#$%. last Wednesday,I ordered some postcards on your website. But why I still haven’t received those cards? I’m living in Surrey, it is not a long distance.

We have no control over Canada Post which utilizes truck and equipment that can break down and need to be fixed causing unforseen delays. People also call in sick and mail service could go undelivered for a day. The above complaint was recieved during the peak cherry blosom season. Below is one case how the mail was maybe delayed to take some pretty pictures. LOL



If you are new to Canada and maybe not aware how Canada Post works in BC, certain times of the year mail service is fast and others slower. The Christmas season is usually faster.

Expecting mail to be delivered ANYWHERE in 2 business days (even from White Rock to North Surrey) as regular mail is not a reality for most people. I have paid for premium delivery services and not gotten what I paid for. Canada Post does what they want.

Your mail sorter may have placed your mail in someone else’s mail box.

If you have a mail box that other household members have a key to, you should check with them before complaining. Maybe other members of your family thought it was junk mail and trashed it.

PLEASE CHECK THE ADDRESS you listed when you ordered. If the order is not recieved in 7 – 10 business days in the same province, there could be a concern. We have no prolems being aware you have not received your order and can maybe inquire.  Using regular mail that is NOT delivered in 2 business days is not a concern. After 7 – 10 business days by all means contact us.

Generally orders in the continental USA are received 10 to 15 business days.  Business days are Monday to Friday.

Shipping times are usually reduced during Christmas season and maybe slower in summer months, meaning it could take longer than the estimated 10 to 15 business days.

International orders may take 15 to 30+ business days.

For example: An order shipped Jan 9 should be received Jan 23 to Jan 30 if there are no delays at the border (customs) or due to weather.

You can use the contact form to contact us if needed.