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The gang at White Rock Beach would have to say the White Rock Beach Lucky Coin® would have the title of “the luckiest coin“.  We have trade-marked the LUCKY COIN® name so no other coin can have that title in Canada. NOT even the Royal Canadian Mint can produce a Lucky Coin® as we own the trade-mark. The As Seen on TV Lucky Coin® and the LUCKY Black Squirrel® Pin can be purchased online in this posting .


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UFOs over White Rock ~ Alien visitors were looking for the Lucky Mini White Rocks & Lucky Pins and Coins

The truth is out there – possibly over White Rock.

A resident of the seaside city claims she saw a series of UFOs over the area on Sunday, Aug. 26. Audrey Strong was walking along the pier with her brother-in-law between 8:30 and 9 p.m. when they saw what she described as a bright orange globes in the night sky.

“When I first spotted it, there was only one and it really caught my attention,” she said. “And then, all of a sudden, boom, there’s another one.”

They didn’t think to photograph the lights, but Strong provided a detailed description. She counted 10 lights, evenly spaced apart in a row over the city, and said a man on the pier claimed to have seen the same sequence previously over Terrace, B.C.

Read more: http://www.thenownewspaper.com/over+White+Rock+Woman+says+series+strange+lights+just+weird/7175795/story.html#ixzz261ixqTm9

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Lucky and Sugar-toes met some visitors to the White Rock Beach pier from Taiwan and Vancouver. Shortly after this photo was taken a UFO was spotted directly above these people. You will have to watch the video.

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