63rd Spirit of the Sea Festival August 3, 4, 5, & 6

Well this is the week of the Spirit of the Sea Festival and time is flying until we all make this a fantastic weekend to remember. 
Thank you to everyone who were able to come out to the Orientation Presentation at Semiahmoo Mall.  Now I have the hours of fun of fitting your wishes with our needs.  We have over 300 jobs to fill. 
For those unable to attend, I have attached the Orientation Information for you.  Please come to the Volunteer Tent which is open from 6:30 am each day as soon as you arrive at the beach.  If you were unable to register last Sunday, please come early so we can go through your schedule with you.
Free volunteer parking is available each day at Semiahmoo Secondary at 148 St & 18 Ave or White Rock Elementary School on Johnston (152 St) and Roper with shuttles from 7am onward each day.  These shuttles will be dropping everyone at the bus stop at Oxford and Marine Drive (you can also pick up a shuttle there).  You will need to go left along Marine Drive pass the big white Museum building and find our Volunteer Center Tent on the East side of the Museum.  If you are waiting for a shuttle for more than 15 minutes, please call me at 604-323-3430 and I will send a volunteer shuttle up to you.  On Saturday, you will have the opportunity to park in the Volunteer Parking at the far east end of Marine Drive in the fenced area for free. You will need to be on the volunteer list to be able to do that.  Remember the regular Translink buses will also bring you down to Marine Drive.
Drivers please contact me on Friday for how to access your vehicle, your routes, etc.  I have tried to follow your wishes with regard to times.  I would like transcripts and copies of your drivers’ licenses as soon as possible.
Still looking for more volunteers 18 and over to help with barricades on the late afternoon and evening on Saturday for the Torchlight Parade and block parties. 
Ambassadors, greeters and people movers are needed.  The criteria is a good working knowledge of White Rock, the beaches, local transportation and local amenities.   Your job is to answer questions from visitors. 
Please remember to sign in at the Volunteer Center before you start work so you can get your meal tickets, shirt and instructions.  Also you need to sign out after you are finished working.  After your last shift you can collect your Volunteer Certificate. 
Any questions, please call me at 604-323-3430 or if not urgent email me at [email protected]
Let’s have fun and make everyone happy!
Sunny Seafest day to you,
Terry Newman 604-323-3430
Volunteer Manager

63rd Spirit of the Sea Festival August 3, 4, 5, & 6



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Put on by the Community of Lights Society

Welcome aboard.  We are delighted to have you join us.  It is you, the volunteers, so generous with your time that makes this event possible.  This Community Festival would not be the success it is without your help and hard work.  This year like every year we will be running on the smile and our common sense.  We will be friendly and cooperative while asserting our commitment to safety.  We want visitors and residents to feel good about the Festival and have fun.

General Points:

Bring:  Your smile, your t-shirt, sunscreen and if working at a barricade, a hat and flashlight.  (Chair is optional.)

Signing in:  You are asked to sign-in at the Volunteers’ table attached to the Operations Center Tent in the parking lot by the museum at least 30-45 min before your first shift of the day starts and also to sign-off when the shift ends.  This is where you will get your T-Shirt, meal coupon(s), program and any special instructions or last minute changes.  Also this is where you will pick up your Volunteer Appreciation Certificate at the end of your last shift before the parade.  The interior of the volunteer tent and the Operations Trailer are off limits to everyone.  When your volunteer sheet says “floater” come to this area for instructions on your next job.

Parking:  Free parking is available at several locations, the Semiahmoo High School, on 148 St & 18 Ave or White Rock Elementary, on Johnston(152 St) and Roper Ave being the most convenient as you can catch the shuttle bus down and later back up –  on Marine Drive from just to the west of Oxford Street.  There may be also some volunteer parking on Saturday at the very east end of Marine Drive on the grass.  There too you can catch a shuttle bus back to the museum.   If there is no shuttle and there is a line-up at either of these locations, please call Terry at 604-323-3430 so we can direct a shuttle to your location.

First-Aid:  At the First Aid tent in front of the museum and at the St John’s tent at East Beach.

Lost & Found:  At the Volunteer Center.   Also bring lost children to this location.

Problems:   Direct them to the Volunteer Center or to the closest ‘Official’ Red -Shirt

Contact for Emergencies:  Terry 604-323-3430 – no voice mail!!!.  Please only use for emergencies as these lines must be kept free.



Bathrooms:  are located at Oxford Street, Pierhead, East Beach, Semiahmoo Park.  These will be supplemented by porta potties located at Museum, East beach, children’s area, and Semiahmoo Paid Parking, etc.

Public and Free Transportation:  *** The shuttles and buses will collect people from the bus stop on the west side of Oxford St to the free parking areas and uptown.  Please let anyone looking for a bus or at a bus stop know this.  There will be free shuttles running up and down Marine Drive.

The Positions:  Each volunteer will receive a job sheet.  You may be expected to help out at more than one job during the festival.

Stages:  The Stage crews will be given their instructions by Phil Davies.  For everyone’s information, this year again the West Beach Stage is on the green space by Marine Drive and the Museum.  The East Beach Stage is on the beach by the Bear statue at the end of the Promenade.  The Spirit Stage is in Semiahmoo Park in the band shell by the children’s area.  Since the Main Stage is just off the promenade, we will be having extra volunteers help people up into the fenced off stage area as well as passing out entertainment schedules.

Food:  There will be complimentary food tickets for those working more than 5 hours.  Salmon will not be available with your food tickets – it needs to be purchased separately.  We have a number of choices for you – both traditional fare plus vegetarian food from a variety of vendors.   Limited tickets will be accepted at the following stands:

Boathouse and Uli’s on West Beach,

Kiwanis Concession at West Stage

Traceycakes at pier,

Sabatini Pasta & Pisto, Tandoori Tikki Dog, Gordo’s Concessions, Calypso Kitchen, Cock & Bull BBQ, and Grizzly Kettlecorn at the white rock

Beerbrats Sausages at East Beach

First Nations BBQ  at Semiahmoo Park



Questions:  Ask at the Volunteer Center – warning – there will be a line-up and we will deal with the most urgent cases first, we will help you and get you what you need.  Thanks for your patience.

Can I do More Volunteering?  Yes we always have a list of spaces that need to be filled.  So if you want to do more hours than we have scheduled, you just talk to the workers at the Volunteer Center.   We do need some more help Saturday from 2 pm on with the parade and on Friday from 4 pm with marking the marketplace and parking field for the shuttle turnaround.

Do we want more volunteers?  Yes – just come to the volunteer table as we often have shifts available.

Will Volunteer Letters be Available?  Yes – do make certain that we know all the hours you worked and that we have your full contact information.    You can pick up your certificate of hours at the end of your last shift.

Vendors:  We have a huge number of vendors on both East Beach and West Beach.  They can get help and information from us at the museum.   Because we are expecting everyone including the vendors to park at Semiahmoo Secondary, we are going to need volunteer early in the morning to help various vendors set up or while they move their vehicles up to Semiahmoo School.  We will also need minders between 5-7 again as vendors collect their vehicles from the school.

Kids’ Carnival Volunteer Outline   with Heather ~Korki ~Crawford

Food tickets will be held for you – not given out.  Food will be ordered and delivered.

Welcome and thank you for volunteering in our FUN Pirates in the Park Zone.   After checking in at volunteer headquarters, report to the Kids’ Carnival Tent situated in Semiahmoo Park by Lee Street. There you will be given your jobs.  During your shift please do not leave your station without notifying one of the supervisors first. You will be introduced to your supervisors who will be around the carnival site and one of them will always be at the carnival tent.

We will need lots of helpers to set-up the Pirates in the Park zone starting at 7 am and other helpers to work with Cap’n Korki’s parade organizing from 9 am onward.

Carnival Hours: Sat August 4- 10:00am – 4:00pm    ~    Sun., Aug. 5 – 11:00am – 4:00pm

Floaters: Standing in as relief volunteer at stations in the Pirates in the Park zone, recycle collection at specified times, deliver water to volunteers at Pirate stations, and generally help as requested.  Please remember to put sun screen on BEFORE you come down to the beach and have a GOOD TIME!

Barricades:  Together with the RCMP, we will be having some streets with restrictive access throughout the Festival so as to prevent traffic issues on Marine Drive.  They will start on Saturday at 4pm.  There will be a support van checking on all barricade volunteers every 30 minutes or so, providing you with replacement volunteers, safety vests, refreshments and updates.   Barricade volunteers will be issued a safety vest, etc.

Volunteer Parking:  Will be available free on Saturday only at Marine Dr in the farthest fenced grass area.  All people coming in to park must be on the volunteer or vendor or parade lists.  Please mark off each one that uses the parking.  See Terry for explanation about parking areas.  This is also the turn-around area for the shuttles.  The shuttles will pick up those waiting and drop them off at the museum.  On Sunday, we will need to move the Volunteer Parking Tent to the Semiahmoo Paid Parking area.

East Beach Stage Parking:  This is on SFN land beside the Organic Connnections.  Only entertainers are allowed to park there while they are performing, after that they must leave.  We will give you a list of the bands for the stage so you can check off how many vehicles from each band used the parking.

Saturday Parade Barricades: 

Parade parking

Some parade parking may be in the volunteer parking area.

Parade Assembly

Parade Assembly points will need to barricaded as per your instructions.  All parade assembly will be to the west of Oxford Street.

The Parade

If you are on the 8 pm – 10:30 parade barricade list, there will be a RCMP briefing for you at 6 pm in the volunteer tent by the Volunteer center.  The parade starts at 9:30 with street games and parties staring at 8 pm and going until 9:15.   Marine Drive will be closed to general traffic at 6:30pm.  Buses and shuttles will continue to use the road.  The parade barricades will need to be manned from 7pm until dispersal.  The RCMP will be checking all barricades at 8 pm and totally shutting down the road.  Each barricade is named so check your position with the map.  Please do not let people park their vehicles behind the barricades so as to block a road that may be needed for emergency vehicles.  Buses will be running after the parade.  Those from Finlay onward please stay at your positions to help the RCMP get the parade vehicles away.

Waiter’s Race:  Will take place on Sunday afternoon 2:30-onward.  We will need about 6 volunteers to help us with the hilarious Waiter’s race.  Great fun for all.

Traditional BBQ:  Will be held both Saturday and Sunday at Semiahmoo Park.  Volunteers working there will be instructed by Joanne at the BBQ.

So have fun, drink lots of water, cover with sunscreen and wear your t-shirt with pride.

We wish you a fun filled Spirit of the Sea experience!!


For Your Information:



Noon – Start of set-up for festival

3 pm – Marking of Parking lot

4pm-     Marking of marketplace stalls

Uptown signage

Dusk –Free Movie night at Semiahmoo First Nations Parking lot.

White Rock Ambassadors’ Gala

Scouts at Semiahmoo Park



5 am      Signage goes up on Marine Drive and continues for the day

6 am      East Beach Stage goes up

6 am      Tables, tents and chairs dropped off

6:45        Parking Open at Semiahmoo & White Rock Elementary Schools

7 am      Set-up of Pirates in the Park Children’s Zone

7 am      Marketplace set-up starts

7 am      Volunteer tent opens

7am       First shuttles & van

8am       Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast

9am       West Beach Stage goes up

10 am    Capt’n Korki’s Children’s Parade

10 am    Marketplace Opens

10 am    East & West Beach Stages open

11 am    Pirates in the Park Opens

11 am    SFN Salmon BBQ starts

11 am    Paddleboard relays and demonstrations

3 pm      Layout and prep for the Parade Registration

4 pm      Parade Registration – some roads barricaded to the West of Oxford

4 pm      Pirates in the Park closes

4 pm      Spirit Stage continues

6 pm      Barricade briefing

6:30        Barricades start being manned

8 pm      Street block party, sock hop, zumba and street hockey on Marine Drive

8 pm      Last act on all three stages

9:15        Marine Drive cleared of people & traffic

9:30        Parade starts

Night crew collects barricades and signage along Marine Drive

11:30     Parade take down and roads opened by RCMP



6 am      Show & Shine Car Show at Semiahmoo Fenced area

6:45        Parking open at Semiahmoo & White Rock Schools

7 am      Volunteer Tent open

7 am      Marketplace set up

7 am      All tents, tables and chairs dropped off at stations

9 am      Kiwanis French Toast & Ham Breakfast

9 am      Paddleboard races start from Bay Park at West of Marine Drive

10 am    East & West Beach stages start

10 am    Marketplace opens

11 am    Pirates in the Park opens

11 am    SFN Salmon BBQ starts

2:30        Waiters’ Race starts

4 pm      Yoga registration at the pier

4 pm      Pirates in the Park Closes – take-down

4pm       Spirit Stage continues

5 pm      Yoga at the pier

5 pm  onward – take-down and storage

8 pm      Last act on all three stages

Dusk      Fireworks



Music and fun at the Semiahmoo Park

Spirit Stage open

SFN Salmon BBQ open




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