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Wall Art or larger items available for local pickup or delivery when NOT OPEN at the White Rock Beach waterfront promenade.


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Long story short, all photos, FRAMED Prints, ACRYLIC Prints, CANVAS Prints, 300+ Postcards, 300+ Greeting Cards, Lucky Coins, Magnets, Poster Prints, Storm of the Century Postcards / Prints / Greeting Cards / Poster Prints, etc found on this site were created by ARTographer Ric Wallace / Mr White Rock.

6" x 8″

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6″ x 8″ Photo Prints have a 5″x7″ Image & Text

Ric Wallace / Mr White Rock has been promoting White Rock Beach on his own dime with ZERO TAX DOLLARS.  A few local businesses have sponsored 45,000 postcards and the White Rock Beach Lucky Coin® V3.0.
jose-sponsorad-800The gang at White Rock Beach are pleased that José & CO. Custom Jewellers sponsored 5,000 postcards of VEC-1059 with their company name and web address on the back. back-of-card-jose


Ric Wallace, the webmaster for WhiteRockBeach.ca and creator of 300+ White Rock Beach postcards, greeting cards and magnets, has minted a Lucky Coin® commemorating the famous White Rock. Version #1 of the Lucky Squirrel Scratcher® / Lucky Coin® has been seen by over 120 MILLION viewers on TLC’s the Lottery Changed My life, an American TV network that shows in Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Europe and online. With the Lucky Coin® V1.0 and Lucky Coin® V2.0, along with other items Ric Wallace sells online, he has received orders from over 91 countries.

Welcome to the White Rock Beach Goodwill Ambassadors Gallery, where we feature people who visited The White Rock Beach Gallery and/or are displaying our postcards, greeting cards, magnets, Lucky Mini White Rocks and Lucky Coins.